The Company is committed to technology innovation and R&D activities. Since 2004, we have been providing services to companies and the Indian Defence. We have proven our technical expertise and experience in a number of industries and provided advanced level consulting in a number of niche technical areas. Teknosarus is a key player in the area of embedded systems for communication and networking technologies.

Teknosarus has strong background in building end-to-end solutions in the following areas:
  • Wireless and Wireline modem designs.
  • Network System designs.
  • Digital communications and DSP algorithms development and fixed-point analysis.
  • Feasibility analysis of technologies on specified system architectures.
  • FPGA, SOPC, DSP, Microprocessor based embedded systems.
  • Optimized RTL IP Cores, DSP IP cores development.
  • Analog design, Digital design, Mixed signal design, High speed PCB design, RF design.
  • Motherboard, add-on cards, daughter cards, backplane design, multiple board designs.
  • RTOS based system development.
  • Device drivers development for Windows and Linux platforms.